Thursday, August 5, 2010

Training in numbers

Days I have been training for the 2010 Nike Women's Marathon:  67

Days to race day:  73

Kilometres run on Sunday mornings:  95

Total kilometres run in training so far: 293

Donations received:  25

Current donation total:  $1,920

% of total fundraising goal:  46 (and nothing says we have to stop at 100%)

Donut's burned off through running: 138

Ice baths:  3

Times nearly fallen while running: 1 (it was a good recovery!)

Canadians diagnosed with blood cancers since my training began:  2,756

Canadians who will lose their lives to blood cancers between today and race day:  1,440

Survival rate for leukemia in 1960:  10%

Survival rate for leukemia in 2009:  51%

One way to make a difference: Click  HERE

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