Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh hey there!

Thanks for stopping by!

You might have recently received an email from me asking you to sponsor me. And you might be checking out my blog to see what this is all about and maybe (hopefully) to pay some of your hard earned cash onto my sponsorship page to help find a cure for blood cancer. Thank you if you are on your way over to do that, I appreciate it so very much.

As of today it is 109 days until marathon day! Training is going well and I have already clocked up 11 miles this week. I'm noticing improvements in my speed, endurance and energy levels. It has been great running with Team in Training (I do my long run with them every Sunday), having a group of people with the same goal as me is really motivating and having others to gossip with during our long runs makes them that much easier!

Now training is in full swing and I am constantly thinking about all things running I will begin updating here more often so come on back and see how I'm doing ... in the mean time please head over to my fundraising page and sponsor me, it will be your good deed for the day :)