Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lessons learned from marathon training

Lesson No. 1
Goo might be good for replacing calories lost while running and giving me energy, but it sure is gross, makes me gag and pull weird faces when consuming. Katie demonstrates this nicely below: 

Lesson No. 2
Many people do not know how far a marathon is or how long it might take a person to run one. A marathon is 26.2 miles or 42km. I hope to run it in 4hrs30. Mainly I just hope to make it to the finish line (my finish is likely to be very similar to the below picture!) 


Lesson No. 3
When it rains I get blisters. Ouch. 

Lesson No. 4 
Overreacting about a swollen foot can be a very costly move. Add to that an over dramatic podiatrist who 5 weeks before the marathon suggests I stop running altogether, makes for a dramatic day. Swelling went down over the next few days and has been fine since (Did I just jinx myself?) 

Lesson No. 5
Having a truly horrible long run is all part of the 'training'. Mine included dehydration, running in the blazing sun, cramps, hitting the 'wall, knee pain and having to walk the last 4 miles of the run.


Lesson No. 6
My Team rocks. I would probably be in no way prepared for this marathon if it were not for Team in Training. My running buddies have got me through each week with entertaining stories, laughs, silence (when things are getting tough) and support when I have been having a hard time. I heart them big time. 

Lesson No. 7
Sundays are a write off (although I heard a rumour I will be getting them back soon) My routine has become: Wake up at 7.15am, prepare for long run with food and filling up my water bottles etc. Go to Granville Island, meet the team and run our run. Come home, sit on couch, move to ice bath, monkey around in ice bath but always feel better for it afterward. Have hot shower and relish the tingly leg feeling, begrudge having to dry my hair as it requires standing up for too long. Head back to couch and sit/ lay around all afternoon. Possibly have a nap but never be sure if I slept or not (I always do though). Eat something but not be majorly hungry. Hit 5pm - eat everything in sight. Sleep.

Lesson No. 8 
People are generous. Really generous. When I signed up to run this marathon with Team in Training I was really worried about being able to hit the fundraising minimum of $4,100. I hit that target before the deadline thanks to my wonderful friends and family and even thanks to some sweet strangers. People are kinder than you know and all you have to do is ask. 

You should also know that I am still taking donations, every penny goes directly to cancer research. I have met my fundraising minimum, but there is no maximum! 

Lesson No. 9 
Marathons really suck you in! I'm not sure I ever thought I would be so excited to run a marathon but that I am. I'm itching for October 17th to arrive, pull on my running gear and get out there with 19,999 others and pound the streets of San Fran. 
I'm so looking forward to running over that finishing line and the sense of achievement that I know is so close now! 

Lesson No. 10
My body is capable of some amazing things. Yours probably is too, you just have to set it a challenge!